We focus on sustainability and on ideas to make a profitable growth.

Brian Park is the Vice President, Sales and Marketing of LG Electronics, Singapore. He is also in charge of sales and marketing of several other countries including Nepal. Park has previously served as the Director of Global Sales and Marketing, LG Electronics in Korea, Director of LG Electronics in USA, Sales Manager of IT OEM in Texas, USA and Singapore. During the launch of the LG Inverter Technology Products, B360 talked to him about LG’s brand strategy and plans for Nepal. Excerpts:

What has been LG’s strategy in establishing the company as a global brand?

As a global company, we focus on sustainability and on ideas to make a profitable growth. We are concerned about making ourselves more preferred by customers.
LG is an established brand but competition in the electronic segment in Nepal is tough, your thoughts…

LG’s 30 years of partnership with CG is the biggest advantage for us. LG has consolidated its ground because of CG. The second driving force is our global brand activities. These two things are moving together to maintain our brand image in the market.

LG Electronics has reported best quarterly profit in nearly eight years in the first quarter of 2017. What does it owe the success to?

LG electronics is a manufacturing company. Without the help of the best technology and best products, success is not possible. Other companies communicate more than what they have. But we are famous for humble marketing which is very different from our competitors. Marketing is our other backbone.

You career has been mostly focused on sales and marketing, can you share some of your best practices?

I have earned good marketing experience working with globally renowned companies. I am currently learning the same with emerging countries. Based on my experience, marketing should completely rely on honesty. You can cheat your customers once, but not a second time. After service of the products also matter. Marketing is a technique to translate your consumers’ ideas. If I say LG, I should be able to throw some kind of image in their minds.

What are your plans for the Indian subcontinent?

We are thinking of shifting gear to B2B markets.

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