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The Temple Tiger Green Jungle Resort at Amaltari, Nawalparasi has been offering a combination of services including wildlife, soft adventure and a display of traditional Tharu culture. The resort specialises in wildlife tourism. “We are not a resort with spa and other relaxation facilities. We keep tourists busy in nature itself, with activities in the jungle, river and resort,” said Basant Raj Mishra, Executive Chairman of Temple Tiger Group.

Wildlife tourism is an important aspect of the tourism industry in Nepal and in many African and South American countries. Australia, India, Canada, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Maldives have reaped immensely from wildlife tourism. According to Mishra, wildlife tourism has recreational aspects of adventure travel and supports the values of ecotourism and nature conservation programmes.


Temple Tiger Green Jungle Resort is adjacent to the buffer zone forest and is near Narayani river. The resort offers a package of two nights and three days for its guests where they can enjoy a multitude of activities in and outside of the Chitwan National Park. On arrival, guests are treated with a welcome drink served by native Tharu women at the entrance of the resort. After lunch, it’s time for the elephant safari. The guests mount the elephants and are taken to the buffer forests where many birds, animals and reptiles can be seen in their natural habitat. The hour and half long elephant ride may leave you tired but fully charged. After the safari, naturalists in the resort give a presentation on Chitwan National Park and its bio-diversity. The day ends with a barbeque dinner.

What is peculiar about the resort is you won’t receive a wake-up call in the morning; instead you get a knock on your door by hotel attendants with tea/coffee and cookies. There are no mini-bars or televisions in the room. All food and beverage is served in the main dining hall where you can enjoy Wi-Fi. According to Mishra, tourists don’t expect gourmet meals or other relaxing facilities while in the forest. All they want is to enjoy the nature, animals and have a good sleep!

The second day starts with jeep safari into the National Park, picnic inside the jungle, elephant observation, and one and a half hour boating in the magnificent waters of Narayani river. You will enjoy watching elephants, birds and the crocodiles and alligators while boating. In the evening, you are entertained at dinner with Tharu cultural music and dance.

A few years back, the resort was operating inside the Chitwan National Park, but the government decision forced it, along with six other luxury hotels, to move outside of the park. Seven luxury resorts – Temple Tiger Hotel, Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge, Machan Wildlife Camp, Chitwan Jungle Lodge, Gaida Wildlife Camp, Hotel Narayani Safari and Island Jungle Resort were operating inside the Chitwan National Park prior to the decision. They were forced to leave the Park in July 2012.

The resort has been successful in retaining its authentic allure satisfying its guests with a mix of wildlife, culture and adventure. However, entrepreneurs in the area want the government to allow them to move inside the National Park again. For the time being, wildlife lovers continue a taste of adventure at Temple Tiger Green Jungle Resort.

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