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Zoom Room at Hotel Shambala

Hotel Shambala has designed an advanced way to use Zoom for corporate meetings and conferences as hybrid events. The hotel claims to provide a no disturbance, all-in-one video conference room system allowing attendees to gather in smaller, socially distanced groups and connect by video to other satellite meeting locations at a single click.

With concerns about the likelihood of gatherings, the hotel is adapting event solutions to support event organisers while ensuring the health and safety of the attendees. The hotel developed these services in collaboration with leading technology brands like Zoom to deliver engaging and highly interactive meetings in a room.

Zoom Room can benefit attendees as there won’t be any such constraints as event size, location, or other logistics, which gives them a broader range of options for speakers, venues, etc. Attendees have chances to interact face to face in smaller groups for a closer involvement that might be lost by going completely virtual. Attendees can also have the experience of attending a professional event with higher-quality audio and video, catering and other hospitality amenities, reads their press statement.

With two conference room configurations with capacity of each being 25 persons, Hotel Shambala says that it is a perfect venue for small to medium size Zoom Conferences.

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