'I would love to do a project with Balen Shah'

‘I would love to do a project with Balen Shah’

Sameer Deula is the Director of Arati and Company, Arati Building Hub, R Home Unique Decor, The Grove Ktm and Arati Prefab Industries.

Sameer Deula

Director, Arati and Company, Arati Building Hub, R Home Unique Decor, The Grove Ktm and Arati Prefab Industries

Sameer Deula is the Director of Arati and Company, Arati Building Hub, R Home Unique Decor, The Grove Ktm and Arati Prefab Industries. The young businessman shares, “It gets hectic when you have to juggle your time trying to manage these many businesses but it is also very satisfying, when you are able to meet your targets”. Arati and Company, his main venture, specialises in building prefab houses, steel structured buildings, and sells all types of materials required for construction from foundation to finishing. Besides, it is also involved in the construction of roads and interior design. Deula shares that he took over the management of the company a year and a half ago and is now looking to introduce innovative products for construction that are more reliable and easier to use. The company has recently imported portable toilets, insulation, sound and fireproof materials. He enjoys the complexities and challenges of managing the company’s overall operations with a focus on delegating and directing agenda, driving profitability, managing organisational structure and strategy, and communicating with the board. In this edition of Business 360, Deula talks about some of his favourite brands and what he has learnt from them.

Top 3 apps you use the most

Instagram, YouTube, E-sewa

3 destinations within Nepal you want to travel to

Rara, Langtang, Tilicho

Women-run businesses you think deserve accolade

Vijaya Laxmi Organisation

A startup you think will ace later

My friends have started a clothing brand called Huba which is based and made in Nepal. It has just been a year since they started, yet they have made a mark among the country’s youths.

An entrepreneur who inspires you

Binod Chaudhary

A non-profit you want to contribute to


Your top 3 best seller items

Prefab panels, rock wool, hi-guard steel doors

The best work advice you have received

The best advice that I have received till date is to build proper networks and relationships, and to know your target audience before you invest in something.

3 things to remember while constructing a house

You need to do proper research about the contractors you want to hire. You must also never compromise on the quality of the materials you are using, and last but the most important is that you know what you actually want. You need to take advice from others but at the end of the day, it is your house so you need to have the final say.

How do you think we can support local businesses?

The best way that anybody can support a local business is to write positive reviews, post photos generously, and refer the business to friends and family. Also, people have to develop the habit of buying local.

If you could change ONE thing about the present entrepreneurial scene in Nepal, what would it be?

Everyone should try out new business ideas rather than going for what’s in hype and trending.

Who among the Nepali influencers do you want to work with?

I would love to do a project with Balen Shah. Not only is he a rapper and upcoming candidate for the position of Mayor of Kathmandu but also a great engineer. I genuinely think we could definitely build something great together.

Advice to young aspiring entrepreneurs

Research everything you need to know about the business you are planning to start and be decisive in your plans before implementing it.

Startups are important because…

Startups may be small companies but they can play a significant role in economic growth. Startups are the centres of innovation. They create jobs which means more employment, and more employment means an improved economy for a developing country like ours. READ ALSO:  
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