'Remember the characteristics of a fire when you are angry'

‘Remember the characteristics of a fire when you are angry’

In this edition of Business 360, Shiv Kandel, Co-founder of The Urban Space and the Director of Meroghar.com, talks about his list of top brands and what he has learnt from some of them.

Shiv Kandel

Co-founder - The Urban Space &

Director of Sales & Market Development - Meroghar.com

A Teach For Nepal alumni who continued his association with the organisation for over six years since 2013, Shiv Kandel is the Co-founder of The Urban Space and the Director of Meroghar.com. “While with TFN, I explored new possibilities within Nepal as recruiter, fellow and independent visual communicator,” he shares, adding that this experience helped him take up bigger challenges and seek multiple solutions through collective leadership. During his time with TFN, Kandel says, he had the opportunity to travel to several districts and work with local communities which has helped shape the person he is today. “I was able to explore my country fully through my engagement with TFN and it changed the way I see Nepal when it comes to nurturing possibilities,” he states. Talking about Urban Space, Kandel says, “It is quite a revolutionary concept in terms of how homes are made and it has been designed under a philosophy inspired by boundary-less neighbours and open spaces.” Urban Space builds housing units which are earthquake-resistant and technology-enabled in a way that fosters community building. Kandel is powered by innovation and his need to learn and experience new things. He holds an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship Management and BSc in Physics. In this edition of Business 360, he talks about his list of top brands and what he has learnt from some of them. Top 4 apps that you use the most Naapi app, TikTok, YouTube and Google 3 destinations within Nepal you want to travel to There are many places I would love to travel to within the country. For the moment, Dolpa, Everest Base Camp and Darchula top that list. Women-run organisations you think deserve accolades I really look up to Charu Chadha in the way she has been leading the magazines with her leadership. The magazines have set a benchmark in Nepal. Moreover, she also is involved in a couple of social initiatives which I think shows her values. A startup that you think will ace later Quite some time back, students of Kathmandu University had launched a project which can replace petrol and diesel being used in vehicles to make them electric and thus eco-friendly. I think this project could ace later if the experiment is successful and scalable as the world is moving towards electrical solutions. An entrepreneur who inspires you I do not have to look far and wide for my source of inspiration as Bipin Gaire, my business partner, has been like my guru, mentor, everything I would look for in a person. He has a broad vision and the way he sees possibilities in Nepal is something that continues to amaze me. A non-profit business you want to contribute to Having also been a part of the organisation previously it would definitely be the Teach For Nepal Alumni Association. 3 brands that you have learnt something from Teach for Nepal: Involving youths in a much-needed direction. King’s College: Adopting technology for research-based learning. Jeep Nepal: Think fearlessly. Sell relentlessly. The best work advice you have received “A fire can cook the food and the same fire can burn a mountain. Remember the characteristics of a fire when you are angry.” How do you think we can support local businesses? Digital media and technology for promotion among the audiences, and honest reviews from people. Three things patrons can do to promote local business Trust the innovation, promote goods via social media, don’t seek free services. Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs Starting is always easy, what is hard is finishing what you started. Be a tough player if you want to be a good finisher. Startups are important for a country like Nepal because… Startups can bridge the gap between the people who live in the country and who reside outside. Startups are new possibilities for not only individuals but also for the nation’s future. We need people who can see the future closer than the current reality. Startups are the ones! READ ALSO:
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