‘Women as leaders can relate to hardships’

Nishinta Bhatta

Investment Manager, Dolma Advisors (Dolma Impact Fund)

‘Life is all about hustling and never giving up’ is a life motto that Nishinta Bhatta, Investment Manager of Dolma Impact Fund, believes in strongly. She explains her journey with Dolma Advisors as a life-changing opportunity that she is glad to be a part of. “My six years from junior analyst to investment manager at Dolma has given me exposure, experience and confidence that I’ll carry throughout my life,” she enthusiastically exclaims

For the majority of her life, Bhatta has lived abroad. She completed her Master’s in Finance from University of Central Missouri and started her career in banking with Nepal Investment Bank where she was a management trainee.”

Bhatta represents the young generation of women in finance and she is determined to usher in substantial changes in the financial sector. She says that despite limited knowledge of private equity, she took the opportunity to join Dolma because she believed in her capabilities and was unafraid to work hard.

In this edition of Business 360, she shares the five things that have impacted her life and career.

Finding the right person

I married the right person; my partner has been very supportive. As I have come forward in life and in my career, my partner’s support has been consistent from day one. When a female gets married, they are expected to do certain things at home. I have a kid to look after and work to complete at home as well, but I have never felt pressured about doing anything. My partner has acted as my mentor. Everyone has highs and lows in their life, my husband was my support system, my pillar. Marrying my husband, and the unconditional love and support from him makes me realise that it was one of the best life decisions that I have taken.

My parents, my inspiration

My parents are my greatest source of inspiration. When I look at my father, he is one of the strongest and most independent people I have seen. My grandfather passed away when my father was just 18 and who he is today is all because of his hard work and dedication. My mother supported him throughout his journey. She is the foundation of our family. Being a homemaker, she has always been there for us, especially for my father. My mother and father have worked really hard to raise my sibling and me. They have never made a big deal about anything. My family has played a vital role in my life.

“Never underestimate yourself and your potential. When we tend to underestimate ourselves, our confidence level also decreases, so be yourself unapologetically.”

Confidence is key

Never underestimate yourself and your potential. When we tend to underestimate ourselves, our confidence level also decreases, so be yourself unapologetically. I personally believe that to be a successful person you have to be confident. As I am a woman working in the finance sector, I am always judged sceptically. I always come out as a loud, straightforward woman and to be there competing and proving myself gives me a boost of energy.

Back when I was younger, I used to be very nervous when anything difficult came my way. But now, I set deadlines for myself and I want to be ahead of time. I think it’s all about discipline. Once you are disciplined, you know what is important, and you tend to work diligently for it.

Importance of Sisterhood

Women as leaders are very good because they can relate to the majority of hardships. Women are the ones who earn, sustain, face hardships and come off strong and independent. People are able to relate and resonate with them better.

But I don’t see any sisterhood support in our society or in the community. Until and unless that changes, even if women are in high positions, when they are not supported, they face additional hardships. The support of other women is very important because only a woman will have a better understanding of the problems that another woman faces.

Success is how you define it

Live the moment! You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, so live every day of your life as if it was your last. Being a billionaire can be described as successor when you are self-satisfied also can be called success. It depends on how you want to define your success and contentment. When you reach a point in life where you are happy and fulfilled, you’ll attract exactly that.


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